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Nutritious Algae


Nutritious Algae – Greens from the Sea Alive Magazine – May 2014


Hollyhock Homes and Living Magazine – Spring 2011 Hollyhock is a 44-acre educational centre that is meant to recharge the mind and rejuvenate the soul.  

Close to Home

Close to Home Leap Magazine – Fall 2010 As Alberta’s population increases, so does the need for patient access. As a pre-emptive measure, Alberta Health Services is making accessibility for cancer patients a top priority by introducing three additional radiation therapy centres to south, central and northern Alberta.

Hot for Hydrotherapy

Hot for Hydrotherapy Homes and Living Magazine Central Island – October 2010 The ancient Romans attended “public baths” or “balnea publica,” a practice that emphasized the importance of both physical therapy and community.

Infrared Saunas

Temperatures Ray-sing Opulence Magazine – Sept/Oct 2006 Melt away stress and 600 calories in a thirty-minute relaxing infrared sauna. Improve your health and vitality in a way you never thought possible.